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12 Tips to Take Care of Your Jewelry


Jewelry Care Tips and Tricks

Top 12 Jewelry Care Tips and Tricks

Jewelry is a mood - an added dose of personality!

As a handmade jewelry designer, I know how important jewelry care is. By tapping into the right jewelry care tips, you can keep your rings, bracelets and earrings beautiful - for years!
The problem is, there’s a lot of confusion out there. How to take care of jewelry, especially when you have a big collection of jewelry pieces made using different materials? How to clean stainless steel jewelry? How to store gold or silver jewelry? How to care for your designer jewelry?
Damages such as dullness, tarnish, discoloration, or long prongs are common, especially when you don’t know how to take care of your jewelry.
You must know the best practices for jewelry care - cleaning tips, storage instructions, maintenance advice, care procedures and more. So let’s dive into 12 great jewelry care instructions that will help you keep your jewelry in perfect condition, leaving everyone in awe.

DOs and DON’Ts of Jewelry

1. Avoid Chemicals

Jewelry Care Tips - Avoid Chemicals

Try to avoid any contact with chemically-loaded products, such as bleach and chlorine. These chemicals can damage the metal easily. You should also keep your jewelry away while using skincare products, such as creams, lotions, shampoo etc. A lot of women actually ruin their jewelry while using perfume, so avoid the direct use of perfumes on your jewelry.

2. Don’t Wear Jewelry during Housework

Jewelry Care Tips - Don’t Wear Jewelry during Housework

Doing dishes and cleaning can actually cause metals to corrode or tarnish over time. Remember, the chlorine present in the water usually reacts with metals and causes damage to jewels as well. It’s best to avoid wearing jewelry when doing the housework.

3. Avoid Wearing Jewelry to the Gym or Spa

Jewelry Care Tips - Avoid Wearing Jewelry to the Gym or Spa

Gyms and spas are well known for mysterious substances lurking on equipment and surfaces, such as chlorine, moisture, chemicals, sweat, and more. So it’s best to leave your expensive jewelry at home. However, if you are wearing stainless steel jewelry, don’t hesitate to flaunt it in the gym, as long as you take proper care. It shouldn’t get caught in the equipment.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Jewelry Care Tips - Avoid Direct Sunlight

Wait, wait! This might sound weird, but yes, if you wear gemstone jewelry - you must protect it from the direct sunlight. Too much sunlight exposure will result in the dullness of gemstone colors.

Tip 5-9: How to Store Jewelry

Buying trendy jewelry that stands out is one of the most challenging things (trust me!) and storing it carefully is another big challenge!
Should I store my jewelry in a wooden box? Can I place my jewelry on a dresser? Can I place all the jewelry pieces together? What about storing them in a clothing pouch? I know, there are a lot of questions and doubts when storing your jewelry and hopefully this section will clear all your pressing doubts!
First of all, yes, you can store your jewelry in a box (velvet, leather or plastic), clothing pouch, or a metal container! The only thing you need to know is - what and how to store! Let’s dive in!

5. Store in a Sealed Bag or a Cloth Bag

Jewelry Care Tips: Store in a Sealed Bag or a cloth bag

Exposure to moisture can tarnish your jewelry fast, so always try to store it in a sealed bag. You can also store your jewelry in small cloth pouches that close with a string attached to them. For instance, the lovely cloth bags we send to our customers when they purchase from us!
If possible, try to buy small jewelry boxes to store each of your jewelry piece separately. For example, these small designer ring boxes will keep your rings safe from moisture while adding a perfect touch of luxury.
You can also look for special bracelets boxes to store your beaded bracelets.

6. Store in a Dry Space

Jewelry Care Tips - Store in a Dry Space

As mentioned earlier, moisture is your jewelry’s enemy so make sure you store your jewelry in a clean, dry space. Try grabbing some cloth pouches to keep each piece separately or just opt for plastic or velvet boxes to add some awesomeness.

7. Avoid Wooden Boxes

Jewelry Care Tips - Avoid Wooden Boxes

This is one of the most common mistakes women make when storing their beautiful jewelry. The wooden boxes are usually treated with chemicals so storing your jewelry in these boxes will cause weird reactions, ultimately staining or tarnishing your beloved pieces.

8. Never Place your Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

Jewelry Care Tips - Never place your gold and silver jewelry together

Gold pieces get scratches easily! While placing all your jewelry in one bog box is convenient, it may actually damage your gold jewelry. Store them in separate containers.
A secret hack: when storing your silver jewelry, place a piece of chalk in the container. It will absorb all the extra moisture in the box, preventing your silver jewelry from tarnishing.

9. Place Artificial or Designer Jewelry Separately

Jewelry Care Tips - Place artificial or designer jewelry separately

If you own some artificial jewelry or a few designer pieces, never forget to add some love with separate boxes. If you need some help choosing the best jewelry box for stainless jewelry or designer jewelry, you can check out these cute boxes that will make your life much easier. Trust me, your jewelry will thank you!

Tip 10-12: How to Clean Jewelry

If your shiny sparkling jewelry is turning into dull and dusty piece, follow these amazing jewelry cleaning tips to bring the shimmer back:

10. Get it Professionally Cleaned

Jewelry Care Tips - Get it Professionally Cleaned

While this method may seem a little expensive, getting your jewelry cleaned by an expert is an ideal choice. They use various jewelry cleaning techniques, such as ultrasonic cleaners to clean hard-to-reach dirt. Again, after getting it professionally cleaned, make sure you store it in a cloth pouch or a jewelry box.

11. Use a Lint-Free Cloth

Jewelry Care Tips - Use a Lint-Free Cloth

If you prefer cleaning your jewelry at home, use a lint-free cloth as it maintains the shine of your jewelry pieces perfectly. Some people also use silk clothes to clean jewelry but it’s not advisable.

12. Use a Mild Soap

Jewelry Care Tips - Use a Mild Soap

Many women opt for cheap jewelry cleaners containing harsh chemicals and abrasive materials. These cleaners usually damage the delicate surfaces of the jewelry.
If possible, try to use a mild soap
You can use a mild soap to clean your jewelry if it’s made of stainless steel, gold or silver. If you’re wearing alloy jewelry or designer jewelry made using unique materials (or non-specified materials), please avoid using soap or water in that case. When cleaning with mild soap, try using a soft brush only. If possible, use warm water to clean your jewelry once you apply the soap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clean my jewelry just with water?

It depends on the type of jewelry. If you’re wearing designer jewelry, avoid using water as it may tarnish your jewelry quickly. If you’re wearing gold or silver jewelry, cleaning with ordinary water is an ideal choice - but make sure you clean it properly with a cloth. While many people suggest cleaning your stainless steel jewelry with water is ideal, don’t place it under water regularly. For instance, avoid taking bath while wearing stainless steel jewelry. The reason is, soap or other chemicals may react with stainless steel jewelry over time, ultimately tarnishing or discoloring it.

Should I insure my jewelry?

Well, it’s more of a personal choice! If you have really expensive jewelry and you’re always worried about damaging it, insuring your jewelry will give you the peace of mind.

Can I place my silver and gold jewelry together?

The one-word answer is: NO. It will damage your jewelry. Some experts even claim while they can’t cause tarnishing to one another, they can transfer it. Also, silver jewelry can scratch your gold jewelry easily.

Where can I get jewelry boxes?

When you order jewelry from us, there’s an option to add a premium box for jewelry and it’s very affordable. Only a few dollars will help you store your jewelry perfectly. Even if you don’t select the box option, we always send a cloth pouch for free - so that you can keep your jewelry safe and secure in that lovely jewelry pouch.

Do you offer stainless steel earrings or rings?

Absolutely! We have a wide range of stainless steel and other designer jewelry that will help you stand out from the crowd. Each and every piece is handmade!
Please explore Designer Rings and Luxury Earrings on our website. We can’t wait to serve you with our beautiful jewelry.