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Candle Colors and their True Meanings in Manifestations

Candle Colors Meaning

Candles - a Powerful Weapon in Manifestation

Have you ever heard of candle magic where they advise you to choose the right candle colors?

Wait! Candle colors have a meaning? Well, yes! I know, a lot of people have no idea when it comes to lighting the right candle to manifest their desires. I receive a lot of messages about candles and why I use different colors in my rituals. Let me spills the beans today!

When you just step into the Manifestation, Law of Attraction, or Energy Healing world and find out that candles can actually change your life, you start feeling a little confused or baffled as there are so many different colors available. Which one to choose? Aren't all these candles same? How to choose the right candle color?

Let’s dive in to decode the candle colors and their meanings.

Candle Color Meanings


If you are looking to cleanse your home, once you are done with the basic dusting, light some white candles to invoke the cleansing energy that represents fresh starts or new beginnings. White is a color that promotes tranquility and peace; it boosts the healing process and calms the mind. Moreover, the white candles are multipurpose; if you are unable to find any other color for your manifestations or healing processes, you can light a white candle.


If you want to speed up your spells or healing processes, red candles are the ultimate tool you must have in your healing toolkit. Representing the planet Mars, red candles are a symbol of determination and survival. For those looking to add some oomph to their love life, increase potency or stamina, attract a sex partner, or improve their confidence, light some red candles in your room and see the magic happen! Additionally, red candles are also helpful in attracting good luck, physical strength, willpower, and courage.


It's all about money! Burn a green candle and let the good luck enter your home that brings you financial freedom. Commonly used in Good Luck Magic rituals, green candles represent abundance and help in manifesting more money, success, prosperity, and luxury.


For those interested in raising their frequency or vibration to manifest their needs, add some gold candles to your collection. A gold candle helps you amplify your intention, boost your concentration, and kick-start a new vibrational energy that makes it a lot easier for you to manifest a specific desire fast. Furthermore, if you want to experience great results, you can also combine gold candles with other colors. For instance, gold and green brings prosperity; gold and orange attracts a soulmate.


Black candles are all about protection. If you are performing spells to protect yourself or your energies, using black candles will definitely help. I would like to focus, however, on an important point: never use the whole candle at one time. Make sure you light the black candle for a specific period of time and then blow it off. Let it release the energy, destroy negative patterns, and say goodbye to all those negative vibes covering your aura.

Light Blue

Light blue candles represent two different frequencies: truth and acceptance. If you find yourself trapped in a situation where accepting truth feels hard, a blue candle will help you release the energy of non-acceptance and adopt the truth. Tapping into the truth is not easy. Lighting a blue candle regularly will help you feel more safer, true to yourself, and accept your situations so you can make them better.


Creativity is king (or queen). If you want to unleash your creative bones, release frustration or anger, and become a great thinker or an innovator, lighting an orange candle the best bet for you. Not only this, lighting orange color candles also attract new relationships that could brighten your life and heal your heart. Orange color helps in good luck, especially when it comes to your career that involves quick actions. Bring some stimulating energy in your life with orange candles and transform the way you feel.


If you are in the Magick world, you may already know: silver candles represent the Goddess. It invokes the feminine energy, helps you tap into the astral world, improves your intuition, and boosts your telepathy skills. Those who get some powerful answers to their problems in their dreams are usually the ones who use silver candles in their manifestation and energy healing rituals.


Yellow is the color that takes your imagination and turns it into a reality. It is one of the most stimulating colors, and it's for a reason: FOCUS. A yellow candle is really powerful for calling in focus, embracing your ideas and talents, understanding your imperfections, and embracing the duality of this world. Why? The duality comes from the mind, and this is where the yellow candle will help you tap deeper into your mind, take a close look at your innovative ideas, and show you the way to fulfill those ideas or dreams. Light a yellow candle to overcome mental blocks, gain more clarity, enhance learning, and view things in a logical manner.


It is the doorway to your dreams. While silver candle helps people get answers in their dreams, you need to tap into the purple color first to reach those answers. A purple candle is associated with vivid dreams; it access intuitions. Feel free to combine it with silver, and get ready to explore your dreams in a never-seen-before way. Additionally, purple is connected with mystical arts and royalty. Best used for meditations, unleashing secret knowledge, deepening spiritual awakening, and improving psychic powers.


Pink means LOVE. For those looking for more love in their life, waiting for a soulmate, imagining all those lusty things with a partner, or wanting to boost their sexual confidence, pink candle is the way to go. Pink candles are mostly used in love spells, combined with red colors to turn the love into physical reality. Pink is the pure connection; red is the physical lust. Combining these two will add some wow-factor to your love life. Even if you have a partner or you are married, burning pink candles will boost the intimacy.


The most fascinating thing about grey candles is that they are a perfect cross between black and white and are considered Neutral Color Candles. When you feel you need more balance in your life, invoke some peace in your home, or just want to start spiritual wisdom, grey candles will be very helpful.


Ground yourself with brown candles. Representing the Earth element, brown candles bring more stability and trust in your life. Those who work with animal guides, they must light brown candles as they are very helpful in building a stronger connection.

How to Use Various Candle Colors to Manifest Goals

Candles + Energy Bracelets = Magic

Now you know the meanings of different candle colors, let’s take it a step further by tapping into the power of Energy Healing. If you are manifesting something, light a candle (choose the right color depending on your wish) and start wearing a charged energy bracelet. It will create a positive aura around your body, help you get rid of all the negative energies, and raise your vibration to help you manifest quickly.

For instance, if you are manifesting more money, wear this Money Bracelet that is already charged with Money Energy, light a green candle, look at the flame, and start speaking a few money affirmations. Just five-seven minutes would be enough. After that you can either blow the candle off or just keep it burning - it’s up to you. But make sure you keep wearing the bracelet at least 12 hours a day.

Repeating this simple process for the next 21 days will raise your vibration to a whole new level where all your limiting beliefs will be resolved. Ultimately, you will enter into the money energy. You will notice a lot of different things happening around you. You will be happier, attracting countless financial opportunities, creating a vortex of money energy around your aura.

In the same way, you can manifest a job, good health, soulmate, or anything you want. Feel free to explore our Energy Bracelets already charged with specific energies to boost the whole process and give your life a new turn.

Remember, everything in the Universe is energy and you can manifest anything you want by tapping into that energy. And the process gets extremely easier when you know how to raise your vibration to match that energy. That’s why I say - Energy Bracelets are lifesavers in this new age!

Happy Manifesting!


Amy Margaret

(Spiritual Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Angelic and Shamanic Healer)