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Money Manifestation Box: How to Make a Money Manifestation Box that Attracts Abundance


Money Manifestation Box: Step-By-Step Process To Make a Money Manifestation Box that Attracts Abundance

 "Money Manifestation Box is your Ultimate Weapon to Attract Wealth."

If you are manifesting money, you might have come across various posts that describe the benefits of having a money manifestation box. The problem is, the process they explain is vague, cumbersome, and hard to follow. Let me tell you something, manifesting money isn’t a white-knuckled roller coaster! In this post, I will explain everything you need to know about making your own money manifestation box. Let’s dive in and start attracting all the worldly pleasures you deserve.

What is a money manifestation box?

A money manifestation box, also known as a wish box, intention box, or vision box, is a powerful manifestation tool that helps you tap into the money energy and boost your financial life. It works with the law of attraction to turn all your dreams of manifesting money into a reality.

The idea behind creating a money box is simple: you are making a box where you can set your intention and charge it regularly. By channeling positive energy into this money manifestation box, you are creating something that takes your intention, amplifies it, and turns into the actual results.


Benefits of a Money Manifestation Box

Brace yourself, because benefits of a money box are countless. Here are a few advantages of having a money manifestation box:

Fast Results: If you make your money box the right way, you can get unbelievable results and boost your manifestation potential tenfold (or even more).

Clear Vision: Having a money box reminds you of your goals and it aligns the intention clearly so that you step up the manifestation game.

Raise Vibration: Money manifestation box raises your money vibration and takes you to a money vortex energy that attracts all the wealth you need.

Balance Chakras: Money is related to your sacral chakra. When you charge your money box with your intention, your sacral chakra starts balancing, brining more clarity in your life.

Grounding: Having a money box keeps you grounded, balances your energy, and allows you to enjoy materialistic things.

Fun: Making a money manifestation box is not just about raising money vibration; it’s a fun activity that you can do with your kids and teach them the value of manifestations.


How to Make a Money Manifestation Box

 Things you need:

  • A box (preferably wooden or metal; try to avoid the plastic one)
  • A few pieces of paper or sticky notes
  • Pen
  • Some decor elements (stickers, mirrors, or anything else you like)
  • And a new important money boosters (discussed in the next section)




Buy a Box: You can either grab a wooden box, a plain craft box, or a paper box as long as it’s sturdy. The main reason to avoid a plastic box is that the energy flow is not evenly in plastic containers. Moreover it’s not eco-friendly.


Decorate the Box: This is where the fun begins. Try to decorate the box however you like. Feel free to be creative. Here are some ways you can get inspiration from:

  • Paint: Let your imagination run wild. Paint it with a solid color or just mix a few different colors to create a perfect vibe.
  • Stickers: If you have stickers, feel free to add them to your box. You can paste them inside or outside the box.
  • Mirrors: No one talks about this point, but let me spill the beans. Using small mirrors in the money box multiplies the results and amplifies the energy.

If you’re not creative, you can skip all these steps and just buy a pre-decorated box.


Write affirmations on the papers or sticky notes

This is an important step. First of all, set a clear intention. What exactly do you want? Is it an extra $1000 a month? A dream job? A long-term cash flow opportunity? Or anything else? Make sure your intentions are clear. Once you have a crystal-clear intention, write some affirmations that resonate with your goal.

If you don’t know how to write affirmations that work, you can read the post where I explained everything about writing affirmations.

Write around 5-8 affirmations on sticky notes or papers and add them to your money box.


Add Manifestation Boosters

These are some boosters that can take your manifestations to the next level. I personally use the following things in my money box and have received unbelievable results. Feel free to experiment with them. Here are the things:

Crystals: Adding some money crystals in your money manifestation box will add some great energy. You can add crystals like Pyrite, Jade, Citrine etc. Crystals have amazing properties that align your intentions perfectly with the universal energy. However, if you are not a crystal fan, you can skip it.

Money: Feel free to add some money in your money box. You might ask, why! Well, if you will add some money in the box, the mirrors in the box will multiply that money, giving your box a clear intention of boosting it up.

Images: Visuals work great when it comes to manifesting money. You can add some pictures, such as your dream car, home, vacation etc. Be creative!

Money Bracelet: This is an important one, and you don’t want to miss it out. You can add the Majesty Bracelet in your money manifestation box as it is packed with healing energies. It will boost your manifestations 100 times by resolving all your negative beliefs, attracting all the wealth you deserve. You can wear this bracelet during the day and place it in your money box at night.



Let the Magic Happen.

Once you add the things I mentioned above, your money box is ready. Congratulations! Now, the only thing you need to do is charge the box.

If you have the Majesty Money Bracelet placed in the box, it will automatically charge the whole box for you with its healing energies. If you don’t have it, place the box in front of you, close your eyes, and set the intention. Imagine you’re getting loads of money. Imagine you’re enjoying a beautiful vacation with your family and friends. You’re ready to buy your dream car, your dream home, and everything else you desire. Imagine all the money energy from the universe is coming into your box.

Think of all the good things happened to you in the past. Be happy. Stay in this imagination as long as you can! Once you feel the energies from the Universe have entered in your box, take a moment to pause. Now thank the universe for charging this box and open your eyes.

While you don’t have to follow the process if you have the money bracelet, you can follow this little ritual if you want. Feel free to repeat the same process at least twice a week because charging your money box is important.

If you know Reiki Healing, Angelic Healing, or other healing modalities, you can charge your money box with that as well.




Trusting yourself, trusting the Universe, and trusting your money manifestation box is important. Believe everything is working in your favor. There are no hard rules when it comes to manifesting money and it totally depends on the amount of efforts you put in.


Get in on the action!

Happy Manifesting!


Amy Margaret

(Spiritual Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Angelic and Shamanic Healer)