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133 Love Affirmations To Manifest Your Soulmate Quickly & Easily

Love affirmations

Love Affirmations

Before delving into affirmations for love, let me ask you something! Are you looking for that ‘special someone’ in your life? Someone who loves you unconditionally, makes you feel special, fills your life with all the happiness you deserve, and creates a fairytale moment for you?

Or perhaps you’re already in a relationship but feel the connection is getting a little off-the-track! You want to ignite that spark that keeps the flame of your love burning forever. Let’s make it a reality with love affirmations.


Let’s just be honest, finding a soulmate is a little tricky, especially when you have gone through some heartbreaking relationships in the past. You might have tried those blind dates, weekend parties, mutual friends, dating apps, and countless other things just to find a loveable partner. You might have even lost hope!

Well, stop spinning your wheels because soulmate affirmations are here to change the whole game for you!

I am not going to bore you to the core by explaining what a soulmate is - you already know that. I am here to show you the meats and bones that you can actually use to attract the soulmate you so deserve.

And at the end, I will share a perfect hack that will speed up the whole process to attract the right person in your life.

Let’s dive in.

133 Soulmate Love Affirmations

  1. I have a loving soulmate who adores me.
  2. I am worthy of love.
  3. I am attracting the most honest and genuine partner.
  4. My partner loves me.
  5. My soulmate and I have the deepest connection.
  6. Now is the right time to be with my soulmate.
  7. I am just loving the healthy relationship I share with my partner.
  8. Thank you universe for the sweetest partner.
  9. I am ready to be with the right person.
  10. My partner trusts me.
  11. I am deeply in love with my soulmate.
  12. My partner and I are vibrating at the same frequency.
  13. The love between us is flowing.
  14. I just love to spend time with my soulmate.
  15. My partner makes me laugh all the time.
  16. We are growing together.
  17. I am very satisfied with my relationship.
  18. I am deeply in love with my current love life.
  19. Staying with my partner feels wonderful.
  20. I am accepting love and harmony.
  21. My love is pure.
  22. I deserve all the love.
  23. My partner is coming to me right now.
  24. Universe is blessing me with all the love and care I deserve.
  25. I have found my perfect match.
  26. I am feeling the divine love in my life.
  27. My soulmate is loving me with all their heart.
  28. My partner and I have unconditional love.
  29. I am manifesting unconditional love and happiness.
  30. My partner is very affectionate.
  31. Thank you Universe for sending me a lovely partner.
  32. I am blessed with eternal love.
  33. My partner and I are completely aligned with each other.
  34. I love my partner’s vibe.
  35. My soulmate and I are welcoming all the positive vibes in our life.
  36. Thank you God for the immense compatibility in my relationship.
  37. I value all the love.
  38. I am in a happy, healthy relationship.
  39. My partner loves to spend time with me.
  40. My soulmate is very kind.
  41. My partner loves me for who I am.
  42. I am allowing myself to receive unconditional love.
  43. We have a strong bond.
  44. We love each other to the core.
  45. My partner and I get along so well.
  46. I am enjoying the attention and love.
  47. I open my heart to receive love.
  48. My true love is finally here.
  49. Universe is guiding me to my soulmate.
  50. I am so grateful for my soulmate.
  51. I vibrate at the energy of love.
  52. My higher self is at peace with love.
  53. I attract love so easily.
  54. Love is in my soul.
  55. My partner and I are living a joyful and romantic life.
  56. We define the romance.
  57. I am vibrating at the most exceptional frequency of romance.
  58. I express my gratitude for the ideal partner.
  59. My love life is so amazing.
  60. I feel safe in my relationship.
  61. I cherish all the love and happiness.
  62. I am the LOVE.
  63. My partner loves my sweetness.
  64. My soulmate always encourages me to enjoy the love life.
  65. My partner and I love each other.
  66. I accept the love wholeheartedly.
  67. I love the way my partner expresses his love.
  68. My home is overflowing with love.
  69. I am giving love endlessly.
  70. My soulmate is my best friend.
  71. I am so glad to have the best partner.
  72. It feels special to be loved.
  73. My love for my partner is growing every day.
  74. My soulmate and I are in the best phase of our lives.
  75. I am opening the doors of love in my life.
  76. My love partner has a magical sense of romance.
  77. Love is everywhere in my life.
  78. My soulmate is very supportive.
  79. My partner and I unconditionally care for each other.
  80. I have an open communication with my partner.
  81. My partner expresses his feelings daily.
  82. My soulmate is full of compassion and love.
  83. I am deeply in love with my new life full of love.
  84. My love partner and I respect each other.
  85. Our love is based on respect and honesty.
  86. I can finally feel the true love.
  87. My love relationship is improving.
  88. I love the kindness and compassion my partner has.
  89. My partner sees me with all the love and respect.
  90. I am so loved.
  91. I am genuinely happy with my partner.
  92. This is the soulmate I have been looking for.
  93. Thank you Universe for all the love.
  94. The love of my life is with me - forever.
  95. I connect with my soulmate so easily.
  96. My partner is radiating love.
  97. I am a love magnet.
  98. I am so in love with this love life.
  99. We have a perfect love relationship.
  100. Choosing each other was the best decision we made.
  101. Our love is multiplying.
  102. I am in an ideal relationship.
  103. I enjoy unlimited love.
  104. My soulmate is always here for me.
  105. I love to be with someone who appreciates me.
  106. I have the perfect partner that makes me happy.
  107. I am open to new experiences that elevate my love.
  108. I am worthy of love and a solid relationship.
  109. I have created a deep connection with my partner.
  110. I love to share my love with my soulmate.
  111. I am embracing all the love my soulmate has for me.
  112. I am in tune with my love life.
  113. I am creating a safe space where my love grows every day.
  114. My soulmate is entering in my life at the right time.
  115. Thanks Universe for sending the love of my life.
  116. I am taking the right steps in my love life.
  117. My soulmate and I are courageous and honest.
  118. I am recognizing the true love.
  119. I am following my heart.
  120. My heart is filled with love.
  121. My soulmate and I are becoming a love magnet.
  122. Love and positivity are part of my life now.
  123. I am so loveable and people just love me.
  124. I am connecting with my soulmate, boosting our love.
  125. I am confident my soulmate is the one I always wanted.
  126. I release all the doubts I had.
  127. I am open to meeting my soulmate soon.
  128. I am attracted to my soulmate.
  129. My soulmate loves my energy.
  130. I develop a lasting connection with my partner.
  131. My relationship is packed with love and joy.
  132. My soulmate and I are sharing a healthy physical relationship.
  133. I welcome the loyal and lovable soulmate in my life.

How to Use these Love Manifestation Affirmations

Affirmation love language is easy to understand. Just select 7-10 love affirmations from the list above and write them down on a paper (or perhaps in your phone).

Follow the 369 Manifestation method (as explained in our affirmation blog post - READ HERE) to ensure you make the most out of these soulmate affirmations.

A Secret Hack to Attract the Love You Deserve:

Raise your Love Vibration

Everything in the Universe is energy - and you can actually manifest a soulmate by raising your energy and tapping into the true frequency of love. The real question is, how to do it?

Energy Healing! Energy healing is one of the best ways to raising your love vibration and taking it to a whole new dimension where manifesting love would be as easier as 1, 2, and 3. Besides these love affirmations, here are some ways to increase your love vibration:

  • Practice gratitude
  • Stay happy
  • Connect with the nature
  • Find a way to laugh
  • Practice kindness
  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Declutter your space
  • Stay hydrated
  • Wear Energy Healing bracelet

Wearing an energy healing bracelet is the ultimate secret to manifesting your soulmate - the love of your life. Energy healing bracelets are infused with powerful manifestation rituals that automatically raise your vibration and take your soul to a higher space where unconditional love is vibrating. Once you wear these luxury bracelets, you will notice an immediate change in your love life. You will feel more confident, peaceful, and calm - ready to accept the love. You will automatically attract the right person who matches with your frequency. Things will start falling into the place and you’ll notice how some amazing and kind people have started approaching you, appreciating your kindness and beauty.

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Happy Manifesting!


Amy Margaret

(Spiritual Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Angelic and Shamanic Healer)