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Discover your lucky charm (bracelet) based on your zodiac sign

Lucky Charms based on Zodiac Signs

A Lucky Charm can Transform your Life.

Wait, what?! A lucky charm? Does it really work? How do I find my lucky charm?

Well, a perfect life is a combination of hard (or smart) work and luck. While you can give a best shot at working hard, luck is something you can't just attract in every situation. If you learn how to tap into the luck boosting power, you can live a happy, healthy life. And that's where your lucky charms step in.

There are some lucky charms associated with your zodiac signs, and if you keep those lucky charms close to you, you will notice a big change. The wheel of fortune will start turning in your favor. You will notice how things have started working out for you just with your lucky charm. Now, the lucky charms are of different kinds, such as lucky colors, numbers, bracelets, objects, or even some words. In this post, I will focus more on the lucky bracelets that will help you manifest your desires fast and bring all the luck right to you!

Let’s dive in!


You are the fire element. You are original in your ideas and thoughts. Everyone cherishes your courageous personality. Your audacity is commendable and you don’t take things lightly. You are a leader - someone who is quite passionate and bold. You love to take risks and explore new options. Your intense and sexy nature helps you get your work done fast.

While people appreciate your ideas, your hot-headed and bossy personality pushes you back. You seem impatient and don’t have the power to hold yourself for long. Impulsive thoughts take you over and you find yourself trapped in situations where resources are limited. People tend to call you selfish, reckless, and temperamental.

Lucky Charm for Aries: First of all, your lucky color is RED; try to wear red color more often. Your lucky charm is the Classie Bracelet. Energized with healing, this beaded bracelet is all about boosting your confidence and luck. Just by wearing this energy bracelet, you will step into a whole new world where miracles will be a part of your daily life.


You are the earth element. You are an artistic soul who loves to admire beauty. Your sensuous and flirty nature is noticed by all. While you like to indulge into materialistic things, you are very determined when it comes to setting and meeting your goals. Your gentle and patient approach towards things is what makes you special. You love to spend time with your friends and can go above and beyond for them.

You don’t like changes; adapting to those changes is something you struggle with. You are known for your lazy and slow moves. Your dogmatic and greedy nature also lands you into various problems. People tend to call you obstinate, unreasonable, and unyielding.

Lucky Charm for Taurus: While 4 and 6 are your lucky numbers, you can tap into your lucky charm ‘Monarch Bracelet’ to transform the whole game for you. This beaded bracelet is infused with powerful healing energies that will make you the manifestation guru. No matter what you need, wear this bracelet and attract the luck!


You are the air element. Being a free-spirited and curious personality, you love to learn new things. Your cleverness and wittiness is something that people enjoy. You are adaptable to any change and tend to have fun in any situation. Your intellectual and versatile thoughts are sometimes unbelievable and you can impress others easily. You love breaks! You need a gateway to get rid of the stress you accumulate over time but most of your plans end up giving you more stress.

You love gossips! Your lack of empathy towards others is something people find very annoying. You love to stay immature and sarcastic. You may find people calling you various names because of your flaky and judgmental nature. They may call you superficial, two-faced, and unreliable.

Lucky Charm for Gemini: Your lucky numbers are 5 and 9. Try to use these numbers often. Your lucky charm is ‘Planet Bracelet’ - a one-of-a-kind success bracelet packed with healing energies. This beaded bracelet will elevate your personality, bring luck, and help you become more successful than you could ever imagine.


You are the water element. You have the power to express your thoughts clearly. Your caring and motherly nature is laudable. While you’re expressive and kind, you demand loyalty and security in everything you do. You don’t like to waste time with those who don’t understand you. You seek security in every relationship. You are nurturing, sentimental, and intuitive as well.

You have a strange problem of not letting go. You cling to people, problems, and situations. While you forgive others, you always hold a grudge. People don’t feel shy calling you moody, overbearing, worrier, and a nagging personality.

Lucky Charm for Cancer: Your lucky colors are Sea Green and Silver; try to wear clothes having these colors. Your Lucky Charm is Maestro Bracelet - the happiness bracelet that will transform your existence. This beaded bracelet will help you detach from sadness, bring more luck in work, and jumpstart your earnings!


You are the fire element. Big-hearted and loyal, you tend to raise the bar for others. Your affectionate personality is infectious. Being a generous leader, you never shy to share your ideas and advices. The glam world catches your eyes and you love those who are bold. You love to be in the spotlight. Your dramatic and exciting nature is special.

While you are special, you are a whole drama queen! Your demanding and bossy traits are active 24/7. People even call you overbearing and unreasonable because they can’t show the same excitement in everything. Well, you also have the ego and self-centered qualities in your kitty!

Lucky Charm for Leo: Your lucky numbers are 8 and 9 and your lucky day is Sunday. The lucky charm you need to add in your life is the Envy Bracelet. It’s a powerful beaded bracelet infused with healings that attract the right people, the right opportunities, and the right situations, making you the Lucky-Magnet!


You are the earth element. Known as a perfectionist, you are very hard working and always keen to improve. Your logical and intellectual thoughts grab attention. The detail-oriented approach is what makes you unique. You love to see things in the right order and use the same approach in your work.

You are never satisfied and always yearn for more. Your cold and boring nature keeps you alone. You always find yourself worrying about many things at a time. People want to connect with you but your boundaries drive them away.

Lucky Charm for Virgo: Wednesday is your lucky day, so start all the good things on this day. Your Lucky Charm is the Royalin Bracelet that protects you from all the evil eyes and bring the positive luck in your life. Wearing this beaded bracelet will bring all the positive news you need to hear.


You are the air element. Your stylish and elegant personality seems very charming to others. You know how to appreciate beauty. Being relationship-oriented, you are idealistic and loveable. You are an intelligent team player who loves to uncover others. You seek balance and harmony in your life. You are diplomatic, cooperative, and even-tempered.

You are also a confused personality who is unable to make a fast decision. You put your relationships at the top, dismissing your own needs as well. And yes, it creates stress in your life as well. You always tend to seek approvals from others. While you’re frivolous, you try to avoid fights at all costs. Additionally, people find you superficial, dependent, and passive-aggressive.

Lucky Charm for Libra: Your lucky day is Friday, so if you are thinking of starting an important project, Friday is the day for you! Your Lucky Charm is the Twilight Bracelet. It is a special beaded bracelet energized with healings that bring more relaxation in your life so that you can make informed decisions. Just by wearing this bracelet, you will bring balance, luck, and money in your life.


You are the water element. Well, most of the sexy, attractive, and magnetic tribe is Scorpio. You are mysterious and psychic - a deadly combo! Your deep and intense thoughts are able to change the world. You are always running behind a purpose, and it could be any purpose! Your emotional nature seems confused and you are always on a hunt of something. Something that you don’t even know!

While you enjoy a sexy personality, you’re known for your vindictive nature. While you’re controlling and moody, you always have hidden agendas. People even call you power-hungry and resentful. You must understand - you have something others don’t; use your skills in the right way.

Lucky Charm for Scorpio: Your lucky color is Maroon or Burgundy, so try to wear clothes having these colors. Your Lucky Charm is the Wealthie Bracelet - a powerful healing bracelet that will take you into the money energy vibration, boost luck, and bring more clarity to your thoughts. Just by wearing this beaded bracelet, you will attract things you could never imagine. More money will find your way easily!


You are the fire element. Known for your optimistic and candid personality, you’re an enthusiastic philosopher by birth. You want freedom - freedom of thoughts, love, life! You are a wanderer - traveling makes you happy. You always think about roaming into nature, hustle and bustle of cities, mountains, and more. You have a great taste in conversations and enjoy some open-hearted talks. On top of that, you’re lucky and humorous - a perfect combo!

Everything seems great in your life, but your irresponsible and rebellious behavior is noticed by everyone. You hate commitments. People call you reckless, flighty, shallow, and fickle.

Lucky Charm for Sagittarius: While your lucky numbers are 5 and 7, you need to grab the ‘Winged Bracelet’ - a transformative beaded bracelet that is designed to bring more luck in your life. Just by wearing this energy bracelet, you will see how everything you need will start coming to you. Luck will be on your side - forever!


You are the earth element. A born leader, a disciplined soul, a serious personality along with their dark witty nature that only a few are able to decode! Your loyalty, reliability, and determination are some of the powerful tools you have. You are diligent and patient. You demand loyalty in back and are always cautious.

While you’re serious, you’re known for your ‘use and throw’ nature. The materialistic world catches your eyes, and you want to explore it. You’re obsessed with status and people think you’re very controlling! Your competitive and prideful traits are never missed by anyone. You are a social climber. You need money, and a lot of it!

Lucky Charm for Capricorn: Well, you are a Capricorn, and money is your thing! Your Luck Charm is the Majesty Bracelet, a powerful money bracelet packed with healing energies. Just by wearing this beaded bracelet, you will be able to open the doors to success. More wealth will come your way and you will become a money-magnet.


You are the air element. Staying truthful, friendly, and logical is your forte. Your curiosity is always brimming. Your futuristic and intellectual skills are always active. And your inventive and eccentric nature is commendable. You love to see things in a different manner. Your purpose is to stand out.

However, in this quest of standing out, your rebellious and stubborn traits start shining. Your lack of empathy and argumentative nature lands you into problems. You are a detached soul and you hate commitments. To stand out, you just need to be a little more compassionate and things will start falling into place. You are a star; your only way to shine is to handle yourself properly.

Lucky Charm for Aquarius: Your color is Blue, and your Lucky Charm is Crown Bracelet. It’s a special beaded bracelet packed with LOVE energy, and this energy is not just about love. It’s love + luck, so after wearing this bracelet, you will notice how luck is changing your life extremely fast. You will get anything you want pretty fast.


You are the water element. Your compassionate and unselfish nature is famous! While you’re sensitive and emotional, your visionary and soulful personality is all about tapping into the dreamy, creative world where your intuition is highly strong. You love changes. You are poetic and adaptable. Sacrifice is your second nature!

Being emotional is okay, but your overly-emotional quality leads you into trouble. Couple it with your lazy and stubborn trait, sometimes you become your own worst enemy. To get back on the track, you need to get rid of your impractical and unrealistic expectations. Avoid addictiveness or you may end up struggling with depression. You are a hero, be the one who’s always ready to shine in any situation.

Lucky Charm for Pisces: Your lucky numbers are 2 and 6. To boost your luck and get anything you want in life, you need to wear the ‘Rainbow Bracelet’ - the ultimate money multiplication bracelet that will change your life in a jiffy. After wearing this beaded bracelet, you will be surprised how fast luck is favoring you. Try and see!

Don't forget to take advantage of these lucky charms and add some magic to your life. Keep Manifesting!


Amy Margaret

(Spiritual Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Angelic and Shamanic Healer)