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Manifestation Techniques - A Secret Hack to Boost Results.

How to Manifest

Manifestation Works!

Before we dig deeper into the ULTIMATE secret of manifesting anything you want in your life, let me ask you something:

Have you ever watched Instagram reels?

Have you ever noticed when you like a reel or you leave a comment on a reel, you start getting similar reels on your page?

Let’s say you watched a reel that found very offensive and you left a comment ‘Take that reel down! It’s outrageous!’ And guess what happens next?

You start getting a lot of similar videos on your feed. Why? Because you told the algorithm by leaving a comment that you are interested in such videos, and the algorithm will start blasting those videos on your feed.

That’s the exact same way this Universe (and the law of attraction) works.

If you are feeling sad because you can’t find your dream job, you’re sending signals to the universe - signals that show your emotions of sadness, agony, disappointment, frustration, and helplessness. So what do you think will happen?

The Universe will believe you’re engaging with these emotions, so let’s give this person more and more of these emotions into his life! And that’s how you find yourself trapped into these never-ending chains of sadness.

And don’t blame the universe for it. You are the one forcing the Universe to make it happen.

What’s the solution?

Simple! Start emoting the right feelings. Engage with the right videos. Engage with the right people. Engage with the right emotions.

Let me help you understand with the same example. Next time you see a reel on Instagram that you don’t like, do not react to it. Just skip. Do not like, comment or share that video. Watch the next one. If you come across a fun, motivational, or a positive video, like it - leave a comment, share it. Once you do, Instagram will start showing you more such reels.

Now apply the same logic to your life. If you come across a situation or a thought that makes you angry, frustrated, or completely baffled - take a deep breath and shift your focus on some other positive thing. By doing it a few times, the Universe will start presenting you with all the positive things and situations because you have started reacting to more of the happy, fun, and positive things in your life.

That is exactly how the manifestation works.

It’s all about how you feel.

So the question is, what can we do to manifest our goals the right way?

Let’s find out!

Make A Promise

Promise yourself that you’re going to make a change in your daily life starting right now. Stand in front of a mirror and say the following affirmation three times:

I am ready to step into a better life.

After saying this three times, spend the next 30 seconds thinking of something positive that happened with you in the past. It could be anything - the day you got a job and how excited you were - perhaps the day you received your first paycheck — or something that brings a smile to your face. Think about a positive thing happened to you.

Now keep this thought and say ‘this is the start of a better life.’

Be A Winner

The number one way to manifesting your desires is to be a winner. Feel as if you already received whatever you’re manifesting. If you are manifesting a dream job, start imagining that you have already landed your dream job. Just imagine how your life is totally different now; you are happy, satisfied, and grateful. It takes 21 days to form a habit, and let me tell you - if you are able to visualize your dream life continuously for 21 days, you’ll eventually end up finding your dream job very soon. Why? Because you have started following the law of assumption, which is the very first step of incorporating the law of attraction in your life.

Write It Down

Now you might be thinking, okay, I know I can visualize my dream life for the next 21 days. But what if I have those bad thoughts lurking in the back of my mind? How to get rid of them? Additionally, how to ensure what I’m doing is right?

Simple! Write it down.

Yes, follow the 369 Manifestation Method. What it suggests is that you get up in the morning, write 3 affirmations in the morning, 6 affirmations in the evening, and 9 at night before you go to bed.

But what to write? I don’t know how to write affirmations. Don’t worry; we have a blog post already written about how to write and use the affirmations. Click Here to read that post and make your life easier!

Believe It’s Happening.

I understand when things are not going our way, we feel very negative. We feel as if every way leads to a dead-end. That’s the time when we need to believe in the Universe. That’s the time when we need to believe in ourselves.

When we start believing in ourselves, and when we know that we will achieve whatever we desire, things will start getting better. Our mind is very powerful and if we train it the right way, we can make the impossible possible. You need to understand that the golden rule of manifestation is ‘believe it until you achieve it’, so you must believe that all your dreams are turning into a reality.

Within no time, things will start falling into the right place.

And now, the Ultimate HACK!!

Energy Healing

This is serious. Sometimes, we believe we are doing everything that is needed to manifest our dreams but nothing is working out for us. No matter what we do, things are just getting worse. First of all, let me tell you - do not think of anything that makes you negative or doubtful. Trust the process and try to understand the reason.

Sometimes the real reason is not what we are doing now, but something that is deeply rooted into our subconscious mind. No matter how hard we try, if we are unable to resolve the limiting beliefs we have in our subconscious, you can’t generate great results. That’s where Energy Healing comes in.

It taps into your subconscious mind and changes your beliefs forever. Now, the problem is most energy healers (including myself) charge a decent amount of money for their services and I understand not everyone is able to afford it. In that case, you can perhaps go with some free YouTube videos that show you how to resolve your limiting beliefs.

Or you can opt for Energy Bracelets, depending on the thing you are manifesting. These bracelets are highly energized with healing energies, such as Reiki, Angelic Healing, Shamanic Healing, and other manifestation rituals that resolve all the limiting beliefs and help you manifest fast. Whether it's about money manifestation, manifesting love, or any other thing, Energy Healing boosts the results tenfold.

But make sure you go with professional spiritual healers only - who actually understand the right way to energize a bracelet. Here at Vahow, you can shop Energy Bracelets knowing each and every bracelet is properly energized using the right methods so you have full confidence that these bracelets will change the whole game for you! Rather than paying $100 per session to a professional Spiritual Healer (usually 7-10 sessions are required), you can get access to Energy Bracelets that will give the exact same benefits for much less! The best part? You can keep wearing these beaded bracelets for a long time, experiencing great effects in your life.

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Happy Manifesting!


Amy Margaret

(Spiritual Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Angelic and Shamanic Healer)